New 367 MW offshore wind farm opens in UK

A brand new offshore wind farm has just opened up off the coast of Great Britain.   The new Wainey wind turbine farm, located 9.3 miles off the Cumbrian coast, can generate up to 367 MW of electricity and can supply enough power for 320,000 households.   The Wainey project consists of 102 wind turbines, with each one being capable of generating 3.6 MW of power.

The new offshore wind farm was built as part of a joint venture between DONG Energy (a Danish utility), SSE (a UK utility), and OPW, a consortium of a Dutch pension fund service provider and the Ampere Equity Fund.     So far, Britain has more than 1.5 gigawatts (GW) of installed offshore wind power – and they have a goal to increase that to 18 GW by the year 2020.

via: Reuters

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