New wind farm goes online in Brookston, Indiana – more to come

A new wind farm in Brookston, Indiana started operations this week, with 121 turbines producing up to 199 megawatts of electricity – enough to power about 60,000 homes. The wind farm, which was constructed by Houston based Horizon Wind Energy, and their parent company, Portugal based EDP Renewables, was built by 450 workers, and is situated near route i-65 on farms whose owners are being paid on a sliding scale based on the size and the amount of work necessary to install the turbines.   Under a “good neighbor policy”, nearby property owners who don’t have turbines on their property will also be paid a lesser amount.

This represents just phase one of Horizon’s project.   Construction has already begun on phase two of the wind farm – another 66 windmills capable of providing an additional 99 megawatts of power, and further phases are planned.   Horizon Wind Energy currently has over 20 wind farms operating across the country.

4 thoughts on “New wind farm goes online in Brookston, Indiana – more to come

  1. Good Morning, we drove by Brookston, IN. at 9:30 PM on Fri.on our way to Indianapolis, IN. from Wisconsin Dells. As we were approaching Bronston, we noticed a beautiful site: lights way up high, as we got closer we saw these huge windmills; we tried to get a picture, but it was a bit too dark. We looked for a gas station to get a postcard, info about the windmills, but found none. I called Brookston for info & they had none. Can you help? I would like a picture as well as info that I can physically have on hand. Thank you, Rebecca Boyd.

    [email protected]
    38504 Cottonwood Dr.
    Sterling Heights, Mi. 48310

  2. this place might have the info you want

  3. Just drove past Brockton in on our way to Chicago windmills very cool a good thing for the kids to c its very wild how they are all in sync with each other

  4. That was suppose to b brookston in stupid phone does what it wants

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