Newest Wind Farm Opens in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s newest wind farm was dedicated today by Gov. Ed Rendell. The Locust Ridge project in Schuylkill County is a fairly small wind power farm, consisting of only 13 turbines. It will produce enough energy to power about 6,300 homes. What’s interesting about this wind farm is that the new turbines will start turning and producing energy at a wind speed of only 8 mph, compared to older turbines that required wind speeds of 15 mph. This farm, which is owned by Iberdrola SA, Spain’s second-largest power company and the biggest operator of wind farms worldwide, is part of an aggressive Pennsylvania strategy to increase alternative energy usage to 18 percent of electricity sold by 2021. Right now wind power produces less than 1 percent of the states electricity, but that’s expected to more than double within the next year and to ramp much more in the future.

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