PA man envisions small turbines taking wind power to the people

While we’ve seen articles about residential turbines before, this Lancaster Pennsylvania man has created his own company, Airevolution Wind Energy Systems ( to specifically develop and market small wind turbines to residents, farmers, and small business owners in the Lancaster, PA region.

Roy Heisey, a former nuclear power engineer, studied wind maps prepared by the federal government and was surprised to learn that while Pennsylvania ranked 22nd in wind power potential, the ridges of the Allegheny mountains and the Poconos were charted as very productive locations. So he started his company to take advantage of the wind potential in his local area. Currently, he operates as a dealert and consultant for various wind turbine manufacturers, but he’s also in the middle of designing his own 5 and 10 kilowatt turbines that would stand only about 35-40 feet above the ground.

You can read the entire article here. The article also mentions a site called PAWindmap, which supposedly allows you (if you live in Pennsylvania) to chart the wind potential of your own home. However, it didn’t seem to want to work for me, maybe you will have better luck.

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