Probable Rejection of W. Maine Wind-Power Project

The Associated Press is reporting today that Maine State land use regulators voted 6-1 to order its staff to submit a document calling for the denial of the Redington Township wind power project. The 30 planned turbines would have generated about 90 megawatts of wind power – enough for about 40,000 homes. The Maine Mountain project was opposed by the residents of the western Maine area along with outdoors and environmental groups such as the Maine Audubon Society and the Appalachian Mountain Club, who said that the windmills would spoil scenic views from the Sugarloaf USA ski resort and the Appalachian Trail.

There are other projects in Maine that are also under consideration, in addition to a 28 turbine project on Mars Hill that has recently been completed. This 42 megawatt wind power farm has started producing some power and is expected to be on line by the end of this month.

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