Rooftop Wind Generators getting closer to reality

from the ConsciousEarth blog – a new wind turbine from a company named Mag-Wind has developed what’s known as a magnetically-levitated vertical-axis wind turbine. The unit has a diameter of only 4 feet, and supposedly can generate 1,110 kwh per month with an average windspeed of 13 mph, and will start spinning with winds of less than 5 mph. The magnetically-levitated design means that there’s much less friction and noise compared to other designs. Estimated cost including installation will be somewhere around $7,000.

4 thoughts on “Rooftop Wind Generators getting closer to reality

  1. Hi i have 3 wind generators and 4 solar panels my self and i run my 2 tvs and lights on them here in the UK,
    i find your web site very interesting and full of useful info.
    Regards Steve

  2. Thanks Steve – I’m glad you like my site. About how much electricity is produced by your turbines and solar panels? I would assume you’re seeing a pretty large savings on your utility bill, right?

  3. Solar eneragy is the future for the world.
    solar generators

  4. Can you give some more about Rooftop Wind Generators and how it works?

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