Sheerwind claiming 3 to 6 times increased power output with their ducted Involex wind turbine

Sheerwind INVELOXSheerwind, the wind power company based in Minnesota, has just released the results of tests on their INVOLEX bladeless wind turbine, and the results are very encouraging.   Their testing shows a 300-600% increase in wind power generated compared to traditional type wind turbines.

The INVOLEX is a ducted wind turbine that captures and concentrates the wind from any direction and channels it to a turbine located on the ground.   Sheerwind claims higher output at lower wind speeds along with decreased installation and maintenance costs (since the turbine is located at ground level rather than several hundred feet up in the air, and you don’t need to build and transport massive turbine blades).

Last December, Sheerwind announced the completion of their first large scale prototype, and last week they came out with the results of testing.   Over the course of testing in various wind conditions, they’re claiming that INVOLEX can produce an average of 314% increased power output over traditional wind turbines.   Depending on wind conditions, they saw increases from 81% to 660%, with the average increase being 314%. Sheerwind says that their INVOLEX wind turbine can generate power at very low wind speeds, as low as 1 mph.   Their turbines are much smaller than other wind turbines, and Sheerwind is claiming a low installation cost of about $750 per KW.

In announcing the testing results, Sheerwind CEO Dr. Daryoush Allaei said, “This exciting performance superiority over traditional wind and competitiveness with natural gas and hydroelectric generation is attracting significant interest from fortune 500 and moderately sized companies; government entities; industry experts; and others. Our ability to operate efficiently and effectively in areas never considered viable with traditional wind energy and at costs as low as $10 MWH makes SheerWind a true game-changer in electric power generation.”

Based on the results of testing, Sheerwind is targeting next year (2014) for the deployment of utility scale INVOLEX turbines.

via: Gizmag

Sheerwind press release

3 thoughts on “Sheerwind claiming 3 to 6 times increased power output with their ducted Involex wind turbine

  1. 300 to 600 percent is a huge increase, I hope Sheerwind is able to start development and building to get these turbines up as soon as possible

  2. SheerWind’s new, novel-looking wind turbine attracted so much attention in Chaska’s Jonathan Industrial Park that the company built a fence to protect it from passersby who sometimes stop off to take a look.

  3. Hello Sirs!
    Your invention is really great in wind speed and pressure, I think the invention can be directly used as a siphon pump by the way of put a pipe in axis of the wind channel, and other end of the pipe sink into a water pond. This way the energy can be used without mechanic lost and very cheap as the cost of your funnel and the whole SHEERWIND. My idea is using mechanic torque directly, therefor, by the concept you may invent more utilization based on the FUNNEL.
    Best regards!
    Jesse Yuan in China

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