Storing Wind Power

One of the disadvantages of technologies like wind power and solar power is that your farms produce electricity only during certain times of the day. The sporadic nature of wind and solar power places extra demands on the overall power grid. A number of companies are developing ways to store the electricity from wind and solar power farms and feed it into the grids at a smoother rate. The Engineer Online reports on a study determining the feasibility of coupling vanadium redox batteries with wind farms in Ireland.

“An integrated forecasting system will be developed to optimize the storage element of the VRB-ESS, maximizing the system’s ability to enable smooth delivery of power from Sorne Phase II and other wind farms. The system will also determine the optimum schedule to release energy in order to ensure maximum revenues can be generated by the system. The study is expected to be completed by end of October 2006 and will be used to determine the economic potential for battery storage operating in the forthcoming Single Electricity Market in Ireland.”

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