T. Boone Pickens – more power lines needed for wind

The Senate Committe on Energy and Natural Resources held hearings on the energy crises the other day, and T. Boone Pickens once again had some interesting things to say.” According to this article in the Washington Times, Mr. Pickens says that America can curb its dependence on foreign oil by adding more power lines. The big concept is to make wind power a bigger part of the electricity mix so you can free up other fuels (particularly natural gas) and use it for transportation, thereby cutting oil imports. Here’s a quote…”If we take the natural gas we’re using for electrical generation and move it to transportation, we can replace 38 percent of our foreign oil imports. And that, sports fans, is a real number.”

As noted before in this blog, Mr. Pickens seems to be putting his money where his mouth is, since he’s currently building the world’s largest wind farm. Mr. Pickens also says that he’s willing to pay for his own transmission lines for his wind farm.

Some states have their own transmission programs in place, Texas being one example, but there really hasn’t been a federal initiative to build power lines. In fact, the different regulations and requirements for each state is only serving as a hinderance to wind power.

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