Ultra quiet wind turbine unveiled

Eco Whisper
An Australian company – Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA)- has just shown off the first installation of what they claim is the world’s quietest wind turbine.   Since one of the major complaints about wind turbines is their constant ‘whooshing’ noise, a quieter turbine can help silence wind critics.

Their new turbine generates 20kW of electricity and is much smaller than traditional three bladed turbines.    The company says that their new cowl / ring turbine design, which they call the Eco Whisper, can generate over 30% more electricity than similar sized turbines.   The version of the Eco-Whisper that they’re currently demonstrating sits at the top of a 70 ft tall hinged steel pole; the pole is hinged so the turbine can be lowered for maintenance.    The turbine itself, which is made from 30 aluminum blades, features a low start up speed so that it can start generating electricity at low wind speeds.   The Eco-Whisper also rotates to face the direction of the wind and increase electricity generation.

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