US continues to lead the world in Wind Power Growth

According to the US Dept of Energy (DOE), as reported by, the U.S. had the fastest growing wind power capacity in the world in 2005 and 2006. In 2006 alone, the U.S. grew its wind power capacity by 27 percent.

“In 2006, for the second straight year, the U.S. led the world by installing 2,454 MW of wind power capacity, enough to power the homes in a city the size of Philadelphia. The U.S. produced roughly 16 percent of the worldwide wind market, followed by Germany, India, Spain, and China.”

Some other conclusions of the report include:

– The U.S. is the fastest growing wind market worldwide
– Texas, Washington, and California lead the U.S. in annual capacity growth
– Wind power is competitive and has provided good value in wholesale power markets
– The cost of turbines has risen since 2002
– Wind project performance has increased sharply over the last several years
– The wind market is in a power of transition

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