Vancouver Sun – Wind Power the latest energy darling at the green debutantes’ ball

The Vancouver Sun describes eight major wind power projects that are currently before Canada’s provincial environmental assessment office and are either in the preliminary or subsequent stages of review and approval.

“North Coast Wind Energy is proposing a giant wind farm — more than 200 turbines spread over 7,000 hectares — on Banks Island, south of Prince Rupert.

The site would be linked via overland and undersea cable to the provincial power grid at Kitimat. Capacity would be 700 megawatts (MW) — enough to power a city of 200,000 homes — and that would only be the first instalment.

The company envisions second and third phases of equal or greater size, with the first phase alone budgeted at $1.4 billion.”

You can read about the different Canadian wind power projects here.

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