White House Opposes Law Killing Wind-Power Project (Update1)

Bloomberg May 5, 2006

White House Opposes Law Killing Wind-Power Project (Update1)

May 5 (Bloomberg) — The Bush administration joined lawmakers from both parties expressing opposition to legislation that would block the nation’s first offshore wind-power project, saying it may harm future investment in wind power.

Under Secretary of Energy David Garman urged lawmakers in a letter today to remove a provision from Coast Guard spending legislation that would allow the governor of Massachusetts to veto the Cape Wind project off the shores of Cape Cod

“Singling out wind generation in this manner could have a chilling impact on the continued investment and growth of this promising renewable energy resource,” Garman wrote.

Opponents to the nearly $1 billion Cape Wind project say it will disrupt views of the Nantucket Sound and pose navigation risks for vessels. Supporters argue the 130 wind turbines would be at least five miles (eight kilometers) from shore, and would provide low-cost, environmentally-friendly power to the region.

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