Wind Turbines to be sold in your corner hardware store

Earthtronics has just signed a deal with ACE Hardware stores to sell their new 2-kW Honeywell Wind Turbine.   The new turbine is sized for individual houses and can be mounted on the roof, where it can generate electricity at wind speeds as low as 2 mph all the way up to 45 mph.   If you live in a Class 4 wind resource area (i.e. lots of wind), the Honeywell Wind Turbine will generate up to 2,000 kilowatt-hours in a year – that’s roughly 15 to 20% of the average electricity consumption for the average US home.   ACE Hardware will sell the Earthronics Honeywell turbine for $4,500 – installation can run another $1,500.    But then US homeowners can tap into the 30% investment tax credit offered by the federal stimulus bill, along with any local or state tax breaks for wind power.

EarthTronics Honeywell Wind Turbine
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