World’s largest offshore wind farm now online and producing power

The London Array became the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm last week when the 175th and final wind turbine was connected to the grid and turned on.   Construction on the London Array was completed last December, and on April 6th, 2013, the last turbine was switched on and now all 175 turbines are supplying power to the UK national electric grid.

The new wind farm is located about 12 miles off the Kent coast, which is on England’s south eastern coast.   The 175 turbine array is spread out over an area of about 35 square miles, and has a total generating capacity of 630 MW of electricity.   It can power about half a million UK households.

via: The Guardian

One thought on “World’s largest offshore wind farm now online and producing power

  1. In 2006, the British government gave planning consent for the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the ‘ London Array ‘. As of 2012 it is being built 12 miles off of the Kent coast and will include 341 turbines when finished.

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