World’s largest wind farm starts operating in Texas

What is being called the world’s largest wind farm started operating last week – 627 wind turbines across 100,000 acres of West Texas farmland.   The new Roscoe Wind Complex officially began operating last week – construction began in 2007.   The turbines are located in 4 different counties in the Roscoe, Texas area, and are currently generating electricity for the power grid at its full capacity of 781.5 megawatts, which is enough to power 230,000 houses.

The wind farm was built by E.ON Climate and Renewables, a German company – the 627 turbines are all about 400 feet tall and are about 900 feet apart from each other.   E.ON leased all the land for the turbines from local farmers – mostly dryland cotton farmers who are continuing to work the fields around the turbines.

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